WWE Creative Plans Laid Out Before WrestleMania 39 Have Changed Significantly

WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H

Fan speculation on WWE’s booking and who is really pulling the creative strings is set to continue after a new report claimed that plans have shifted significantly since WrestleMania 39.

In a report on social media, Wrestle Votes noted that a number of creative decisions have not gone the way some had envisioned prior to WrestleMania. Furthermore, the direction of some stars has been “far different” from what was originally planned prior to the spectacular.

There is no word on who these plans involve, and what exactly has changed.

“Interesting tidbit: source says a number of creative decisions & ideas planned prior to WrestleMania have not gone the way some envisioned. Not to say for better or worse, but the direction for some superstars is far different than what had been internally discussed.”

Some Within WWE “Happy” Vince McMahon Is Back

The report comes after it was claimed that some within WWE are happy that Vince McMahon is back with WWE and taking an interest in creative.

McMahon returned to WWE in January, forcing his way back onto the Board of Directors. The Executive Chairman had ‘retired’ back in July after being engulfed by a sexual misconduct scandal.

With McMahon back rumours began suggesting he was involved with creative, something the company was initially adamant wasn’t take place. However, upon the announcement of WWE agreeing a deal with Endeavor for the sale of the company, McMahon admitted that he is involved, albeit “higher up.”

McMahon’s admission and subsequent heavy involvement in the Raw after WrestleMania led to numerous reports of WWE Superstars being unhappy, feeling that the company had taken a backward step. However, a recent report claimed that there are some who are happy he is back.