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WWE Crack Down On Television Timing Cues

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As reported by Mike Johnson of PWInsider, WWE are beginning to crack down on timing cues for segments during their weekly television product.

According to Johnson, several WWE talent have been reprimanded for overshooting their allotted time in both promos and backstage skits leading to other sections being altered and even cut to fit the time they have on television.

This included WWE Survivor Series on November 22 which was said to have placed heat on producers backstage. Though no particular segment from the elimination extravaganza was mentioned, the single entrances for all members of both the men and women’s team certainly took their toll on how time was taken away from the rest of the card.

Mike Johnson also reported there is some dissention behind the scenes at the amount of time Vince McMahon is spending on angles involving Randy Orton, Alexa Bliss and ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt on Monday evenings.

For example, there was said to have been some talk about the recent Moment of Bliss involving the trio on November 30. Many backstage believed it was too weak for the time allocated to it, but Vince’s vision was realised and thus no changes were made.

WWE overshooting time on television and pay-per-view is nothing new. There have been many instances of segments and matches going longer than needed even at WrestleMania. A great example of this was the ‘This is Your Life’ piece between The Rock and Mankind 1999.

Going double the length it was originally allocated, one of the most popular segments in WWE history was considered a bust by the boss until the ratings came in.