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WWE Confirms Two More Retribution Names

Retribution make their intentions clear after signing WWE contracts

This past Monday, the three male members of the WWE-invading Retribution faction were given new names, much to the amusement of the wrestling world.

Shane Thorne became Slapjack, Dominik Dijakovic was rechristened T-Bar and Dio Maddin was given the name Mace.

The trio’s new monikers were widely mocked, probably because they evoke images of throwaway baddies in the Turtles cartoons.

As Raw when off the air, the faction was trending worldwide on Twitter for several hours – but for reasons WWE will surely be less than pleased with, as the swarm of negativity filled up timelines.

It could have been worse, though, as according to WrestleVotes, one of the names considered for one of the women in the group (Mia Yim and Mercedes Martinez) was going to be “Shatter”.

Yes, it’s probably for the best that one did not make it onto television.

Although they avoided that one and neither Yim nor Martinez were given their new Retribution names on Raw, PWInsider is reporting that WWE has now confirmed their new handles.

Martinez will now be known as “Retaliation” whereas Yim will be going by “Reckoning”.

They’re not conventional wrestler names, at least not for this century, I’ll give them that.