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WWE Confirms Names Of RETRIBUTION Members


Over the past two months, the mysterious faction of RETRIBUTION has made its presence felt in WWE.

Last night’s RAW, however, saw a significant update – with the five key members emerging with new looks, and three of them being identified by name.

Three of the members are named T-Bar, Slapjack and Mace.

RAW opened with five members of RETRIBUTION standing in the ring. Having been hooded and masked for several weeks, the group then removed their hoods.

However, their identities are still slightly concealed. While the quintet were still ‘masked’ – their identities have been all but confirmed.

Mia Yim was the most obvious standout, with her trademark blue locks and most of the NXT star’s face being revealed. Meanwhile, Mercedes Martinez had a similar aesthetic.
Dio Maddin, now known as Mace, was also easily identifiable for anyone who remembers him from commentary on RAW.

While the member wearing a Bane-esque mask may not be the most recognisable from a distance, the individual now known as T-Bar is indeed Dominik Dijakovic, whose Twitter name has changed to reflect such. The final member, Slapjack, is completely masked – but it’s believed that he’s being portrayed by Shane Thorne.

Ahead of their in-ring debut, it was also revealed that RETRIBUTION have signed WWE RAW contracts. The five new Superstars, though, were joined by numerous other members wearing their traditional hoods and balaclavas on RAW.