WWE Clash At The Castle Provided Massive Boost To The Welsh Economy

WWE Clash at the Castle

WWE tends to stick to doing shows in the United States since that’s the company’s biggest market by far. Yet over the past several years, major shows outside the US and Canada have become more common, especially following the company’s deal with Saudi Arabia.

And to acknowledge the promotion’s growing markets and fanbases in other parts of the world, they have also returned to another huge wrestling market: the United Kingdom.

Even though WWE hadn’t put on a major PPV/PLE in that part of the world in three decades, the success of Clash At The Castle proved that WWE’s popularity is as strong as ever across the Atlantic.

According to a report from the BBC, CatC was an overwhelming success for the local Welsh economy. Not only did the promotion manage to pack at least 60,000 people into Cardiff’s Principality Stadium, but the event also generated £21.8 million for Wales.

People of Wales benefited from WWE’s presence with both a boost in revenue and increase in the region itself with Clash At The Castle

Additionally, an Economic Impact Study was done to determine additional positive side effects of the company’s appearance in Wales. The study questioned around 3,000 non-local fans that had come to Wales just to see CatC. Of the questioned, 57% expressed interest in exploring other parts of Wales and getting to know the region more.

Vaughan Gething, the Welsh economy minster, noted that the wrestling company’s presence boosted Wales’ international profile.

“This included opportunities to showcase Wales’ vibrant language and culture through bespoke content creation shared globally on WWE’s social media channels.”

CatC was headline by a world title match between Champion Roman Reigns and challenger Drew McIntyre. It also included a critically acclaimed Intercontinental Championship match between GUNTHER and Sheamus.