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WWE Changing Contract Terms For NXT Superstars And Call Ups

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NXT Superstars and call-ups are set to receive brand new contract terms and offers as WWE holds talks, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com reported on Monday Night Live.

In the past, superstars who moved to Raw and SmackDown from NXT were not offered new contracts that altered their terms from their original developmental deals. However, Sapp states that since the move of NXT to the USA Network there has been a renewed focus on ensuring talent performing on television sign new deals.

With the recent Coronavirus pandemic, and with no live crowds to perform in front of, WWE Superstars’ schedules have been drastically reduced – they’re working far fewer dates and have much less travel. Because of this, the deals themselves, are worse in terms of money than what was being offered last year. This is said to be “subject to change” if the situation with the current circumstances improves.

The subject of NXT superstars deals’ on the main roster has risen its head in the past. Lio Rush, himself a former WWE superstar, was one individual who spoke publicly about the contract situation. He stated that when he was called up to the main roster, even though he was performing more dates and travelling on the road a considerable amount, he was not given a new deal.

Sapp reveals that although the new NXT contracts being signed are much better than what they were due to the USA Network deal, they’re still not quite the same as those on the main roster.