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WWE Championship Number One Contender Decided On Raw

Big E & The WWE Championship

A new number one contender for Big E’s WWE Championship has been decided after a stunning Fatal-Four-Way Ladder Match on Monday Night Raw.

The Ladder Match was predictably chaotic with a string of broken bodies, broken ladders and broken tables littering the ringside area. But when all was said and done, it was Seth Rollins left standing tall with the WWE Championship contract in hand.

The match came to a brutal conclusion with Rollins launching Kevin Owens with a back body drop from a ladder outside of the ring through another ladder. As Rollins gathered himself it looked as though Finn Balor might sneak the win but he was quickly undone by a Curb Stomp leaving Rollins to claim victory.

Earlier in the match Owens had Powerbombed Rey Mysterio through a table, as every competitor showed total disregard for their own wellbeing in pursuit of the win.

The October 25th episode of Monday Night Raw began with Big E heading to the ring, revelling in his position as WWE Champion. Big E paid tribute to new King of the Ring Xavier Woods, and former rival Drew McIntyre for the making him a better champion after their clash at Crown Jewel.

This brought out Seth Rollins who said that he deserved a shot at the WWE Championship. E responded by pointing out that Rollins lost to Edge at Crown Jewel so should go to the back of the queue. Not to be outdone, Rey Mysterio interrupted laying out his credentials as a former champion, adding that he would do whatever it took to be champion one more time.

However, the interruptions weren’t quite done as this summoned Finn Balor, who said that while he respected Mysterio, he was gunning for Raw’s top title. Last but not least, Kevin Owens then made his way to the ring running down his own accomplishments, pointing out that he won the Universal Title in Houston.

Just as things began to break down, Sonya Deville appeared to set up the Fatal-Four-Way Match, before upping the stakes further making it a Ladder Match.