WWE CEO Nick Khan Comments On The “Complicated” McMahon Family Situation

Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, and Shane McMahon in the ring

January 10th turned out to be an important day for both WWE and the McMahon family as Stephanie McMahon announced her resignation from the company as Chairwoman and co-CEO.

In a statement, McMahon stated that she was “proud” to have led the company and paid tribute to her now-former co-CEO Nick Khan. Although Stephanie is no longer with the company, her husband, Triple H, is still in his post as Chief Content Officer.

Shortly after Stephanie McMahon announcer departure from the company it was confirmed that Vince McMahon was back as Executive Chairman, completing a shock return to the company after his retirement back in July 2022.

Following Stephanie’s departure, it was reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that she and Vince had “issues” working together and Nick Khan acted as something of a buffer between the two, as well as between Vince and Triple H.

“Family is complicated” – WWE CEO Nick Khan

In a recent interview on the Bill Simmons podcast, Khan has spoken about the complex relationship in the McMahon family, saying he stays away from it.

“Family is complicated, business is complicated, family and business is even more complicated. I just assume stay away from it.”

When it comes to the current relationship between Vince and Triple H, Khan claimed they actually get along great, refuting rumours that there were issues between the two.

“His son-in-law works there, he’s the Head of Creative and there’s always been a lot of Twitter chatter that somehow those two weren’t getting along or this or that, I think everybody’s getting along just great.”

During the same interview, Khan addressed the idea that Vince McMahon could return to TV, saying it won’t happen “at this moment” but refusing to rule it out further down the line.

H/T to EwrestlingNews for the above transcription.