WWE Brought In Controversial Legend To Work With NXT Recruits

Triple H - WWE NXT Performance Center

Since the creation of the WWE Performance Center the company has routinely given guest coaching spots to legends so that they can pass on their experience and wisdom to the next generation.

Even in recent months, The Undertaker confirmed that he had been approached by WWE about helping out. While another WWE Hall of Famer who has been involved is Ric Flair.

During an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, Flair said that he had hosted an interview class during WrestleMania weekend in Los Angeles.

“It’s fun. They had me come do an interview class for NXT while they were in LA. They had me do an interview class. Now, they’re on this program where they’re bringing in nothing but college athletes into the training center. When they were in LA, they brought in 50 or 100, I think it was 50, college athletes from all over the country.

We went up to UCLA and they had them do endurance training and then they had them come to a seminar where I talked about how to learn how to interview, which is really hard to explain because it’s got to come from here [the heart]. The biggest problem is really, if they have 100 people at NXT right now, out of that 100, one percent might make it.”

Ric Flair Reiterates Support For Vince McMahon

During the same interview Flair and Rogan discussed Vince McMahon and WWE’s impending deal with Endeavor. The Nature Boy said that McMahon remains his hero, despite what others might say about him.

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