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WWE Bound Sareee Prepares For US Move Ahead Of Final Match In Japan

Japanese women’s wrestler Sareee has been signed to the WWE since February 2020, however travel restrictions due to the global pandemic have kept her in Japan.

But it now appears that the 24 year old is set to make her long awaited move to the US, having sent out a tweet confirming both her final match in Japan and her intention to start full time with the WWE.

Throughout the pandemic, WWE have allowed Sareee to continue working in Japan, which she has done under the promotional tagline of ‘WWE Countdown’.

The countdown will finally conclude on January 22nd however, as the popular joshi wrestler defends her SEAdLINNNG Beyond the Sea Tag Team Championship, alongside partner Yoshiko, against Nanae Takahashi and Arisa Nakajima.

Sareee has made good use of her time ahead of her WWE debut, wrestling for nearly all of the major joshi promotions in Japan, including Tokyo Joshi Pro, Wave, Pure-J, Ice Ribbon and the aforementioned SEAdLINNNG, among others.

Speaking of her extended stay in Japan, Sareee noted how beneficial the past twelve months had been:

I had a lot of valuable experiences during this postponed period, which was not originally possible, and it was an irreplaceable time to meet new and important friends.

It would appear that Sareee’s international move had been recently expedited by the WWE, as it was noted that the star had been set to appear on Ice Ribbon’s Korakuen Hall show on January 23rd.

The promotion have since announced SEAdLINNNG’s Arisa Nakajima as her replacement.

With thanks to Tokyo Sports for the transcript.