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WWE Backstage Returns


WWE Backstage returns with a Royal Rumble Special next Saturday (30/01/21).

The Royal Rumble Special will be hosted by Renee Paquette (formerly known as Renee Young), WWE Hall of Famer Booker T and former NXT Women’s champion Paige.

When SmackDown moved to Fox in 2019, with it came with some added extras. One of those was a talk show called WWE Backstage. After a short succesful run, Backstage was cancelled as a regular program on Fox Sports last June, with a caveat that it might return occasionally with one-off episodes.

Here is the WWE’s hype for the Backstage show:

WWE Backstage is back in a big way for an upcoming Royal Rumble Special on Saturday, Jan. 30 at 8/7 C on FS1.

Renee Paquette, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T and Paige will host the preview for one of sports entertainment’s most exciting nights.

Friday Night will get the action-packed weekend on FOX, as the Royal Rumble approaches, and Roman Reigns prepares for a Universal Title showdown with Kevin Owens.

It was announced in October 2020 that WWE Backstage would be returning for a special episode in conjunction with SmackDown making a one-week move to FS1 due to the World Series, but that was subsequently changed from WWE Backstage to an episode of Talking Smack.

Renee shared a video on her Twitter account, responding to the huge announcement which will see her return to WWE programming.

Oh baby, it’s happening. I am so freaking excited about this because…it’s happening, January 30 on FS1 at 8 PM Eastern time. You guys, feast your eyes on an episode of WWE Backstage. The gang is getting back together we’re going to talk all things WWE, it will air as I just said on the eve right before the Royal Rumble, my personal favourite pay-per-view of all time so I cannot wait. I get to see my girl Paige and get to see my dude Booker.

This is just going to be a moment, I cannot wait. It means that I have to like, get out of my house too. So, if I remember to pack a bag and drive my a** to Los Angeles, it’s all happening make sure you guys catch it. Tweet us, message us, do all the things that you need to do. Send us everything because we are also excited WWE Backstage is happening, January 30 8 PM Eastern Time on FS1 put in your calendars set an alarm clock. Do whatever you have to do, we’ll see you guys then!

Backstage in 2019 saw the return of CM Punk, We wait in anticipation to see whether this new, revamped Backstage will deliver again with some major news!