WWE Management Aware Of Braun Strowman’s “Very Real” Backstage Heat

Braun Strowman

Former Universal Champion Braun Strowman is no stranger to stirring up controversy on social media, and in the past week, he’s ruffled feathers backstage in WWE. After defeating Omos at WWE Crown Jewel on November 5th, the behemoth took to Twitter to brag about their size and chastise “floppy floppers,” taking a shot at smaller wrestlers who perform more acrobatic moves in the ring.

The comments have drawn negative opinions of Braun Strowman as a result. NJPW’s Will Ospreay, who had previously complimented Roman Reigns and Logan Paul for their clash on the same show, questioned why Strowman was angry about making so much money, whereas Ricochet referenced a past incident, imploring anyone to avoid standing on a scale as it will result in lawsuit threats.

Strowman later doubled down on his post-WWE Crown Jewel comments while showing off an impressive backflip of his own.

Braun Strowman’s Comments Are Not Part Of A WWE Storyline

While Strowman attempted to soothe social media ire by claiming his comments were made as a joke, a new report from Fightful Select sheds light on the fact that the backstage heat on the former WWE Universal Champion is “very real.”

According to the report, Strowman has actually been on his best behavior since making his return to WWE back in September and has been easy to work with in a professional capacity, but so-called “social media Braun” is a different story. WWE management is said to be aware of the situation, and one of Fightful’s sources called the behavior “immature.”

The report also notes that Braun Strowman’s social media comments are not part of any WWE storyline, nor are there any plans to turn the real life heat into a wrestling angle. However, it was suggested that it’s possible there could be references to Strowman’s comments on television as a rib to the star.

One wrestler who claimed he’d “never do a flip in his life” spoke to Fightful about why he believed Braun Strowman shouldn’t have sent the tweets:

“We need them, and they need us. Wrestling is everything. There’s very little truly right and wrong. He didn’t come up in the business doing the things that a lot of those people did, so he probably doesn’t understand.”

Another recent report from PWInsider revealed that Strowman’s backstage heat wasn’t entirely due to his social media presence, and that he has a reputation for showing up late to work and also leaving early. That report indicated that he seems to get in his own way when it comes to success in WWE.