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WWE Asks Fans For Thoughts On A Wrestler Ranking System

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WWE has sent out a new survey to fans which gives some insight into things the company could be considering for the future, including the possible re-introduction of a ranking system.

The survey, which was seen by PWInsider, was sent out to the fans in the last week and raises some interesting prospects for what could be coming to WWE in the coming months.

One of the questions asked is whether fans would be interested in a wrestler ranking system. AEW has used a ranking system since it was launched to determine its wrestler’s standing in relation to getting title matches. However, it has received mixed reactions from fans as storylines don’t always use it.

WWE itself used the ‘Power Rankings’ system for several years. As well as the wins, losses, and draws used by AEW’s rankings, WWE also took into account the impact a performer made each week so that promos and backstage segments could also affect where they would place. That system was quietly dropped in December 2018, with Becky Lynch being the last star in the Number 1 slot.

Some other interesting topics covered by the survey included the following:

  • How many times a month a recipient watches Raw, Smackdown and NXT.
  • How often fans attend Live Events and watch Premium events.
  • When asking what the fan is interested in NFTs
  • Are fans were interested in “real behind-the-scenes workings at WWE”.
  • Which Social Media platforms on which the fan follows WWE.