WWE “Aren’t Confident” WrestleMania 39 Match Will Go Ahead

WWE WrestleMania 39

A match seemingly set for WrestleMania is now in doubt.

The card for WWE’s biggest show of the year is nearly complete, with 12 matches officially announced to take place at the show. It is also to be expected that Rey Mysterio facing off against his son Dominik will be announced for the event at a later date.

Bray Wyatt Vs. Bobby Lashley Looks Unlikely For WWE WrestleMania 39

One match that looked like it would be booked for the grandest stage was Bobby Lashley vs. Bray Wyatt. At one point the contest seemed inevitable when Wyatt would target Lashley with a series of mind games following The All Mighty defeating Brock Lesnar at the Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event.

Bray Wyatt has not been seen in-person on TV since the February 17th episode of SmackDown, where The Eater of Worlds warned both Lesnar and Lashley to run. Reports have stated that the former WWE Champion Wyatt has missed several televised events and house shows due to illness.

The last reference to the feud would be seen on the March 3rd episode of SmackDown, where Uncle Howdy would attempt to blindside Lashley. As Lashley attempted to deliver a spear to Howdy, the light would go out and Howdy would vanish.

An update on the status of the match has been provided in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The report states that it is “unknown” whether or not Wyatt vs. Lashley will be taking place in Los Angeles, and due to the rivalry not being mentioned on TV, this indicates that those in WWE “aren’t confident that it is happening.”

On March 13th, Bobby Lashley issued a statement on social media. The former WWE Champion stated that he has worked too hard to not be on the card, and that someone will feel his wrath at the show.