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Long-Time WWE Announcer Carlos Cabrera Reportedly Released

Carlos Cabrera Spanish announcer

Carlos Cabrera, a legendary Spanish announcer for WWE, has reportedly been let go from the company.

As reported by Hugo Savinovich of Lucha Libre Online, Cabrera was fired from the promotion after nearly thirty years under contract with Vince McMahon’s sports entertainment giant. No reason has been given as to why Cabrera has been dismissed from his position, nor are there any details as to who will replace him.

Beginning in 1993, Cabrera provided regular Spanish commentary for WWE events, including pay-per-view events and the majority of WWE’s weekly programming, including Raw, SmackDown, and NXT.

During this time, the Colombian broadcaster called the action alongside Ed Trucco, Hugo Savinovich, and Marcelo Rodriguez, though the pairing with Hugo is arguably his most famous.

The ringside position he shared alongside his broadcast colleagues, aptly referred to as the Spanish announce table, has since become something of a meme over the years, with the table frequently being shattered during high-profile matches, be it from a Shawn Michaels diving elbow drop, a Shield triple Powerbomb, or The Undertaker tossing you off the top of Hell In A Cell.

Popular Mexican wrestling Twitter account Luchablog has recognised the importance of Cabrera to WWE’s Spanish output, noting his firing as a major deal for Spanish wrestling fans:

“It’s just a quick note for English speaking fans but WWE letting go of Carlos Cabrera seems a huge deal for Spanish speaking wrestling fans. The other announcers seem well liked, but that was a guy who’d been a key voice for WWE since 1993, gotta be among the longest runs.

I’d bet on at least talks about reuniting him with Hugo in AAA, even just for a one off. I like the current team tho. I don’t listen to AEW in Spanish and don’t listen well enough to evaluate but everyone who talks to me about it says AEW could use some help on that broadcast.”

There is currently no word on if Cabrera will remain involved with professional wrestling or move on to other pursuits. As far as WWE’s Spanish commentary team goes, a position remains open for the taking.