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WWE Announce Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Thumb

WWE have officially announced that for the first time ever, there will be a Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic to run alongside the men’s tournament.

The news was unveiled during the January 6, edition of NXT New Year’s Evil after it had been revealed that the company would be staging their next NXT TakeOver event on February 14, Valentines Day.

After assessing the depth of his female roster – arguably the best women’s division in the world today – NXT General Manager William Regal came to the decision that to honour the legacy of the late Dusty Rhodes, the women would join their male counterparts in doubles action.

Currently, it is unknown whether the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions will be part of the tournament or whether the winner will receive a shot at the doubles gold, just like the winners of the men’s tournament get a crack at the NXT Tag Team Championships.

We also await the announcement on whether NXT UK’s female roster will also be part of the brackets.

The news comes off of the back of Shawn Michaels and Triple H telling Inside the Ropes in 2017 that the pair were in the process of scouting a new crop of women for an upcoming tournament.