WWE & AEW TV Distributors Potentially Merging in 2024?

WWE AEW Logo over Roster

In a move that could have huge ramifications for the entire wrestling industry, analysts have suggested that WWE and AEW’s TV distributors could merge in 2024.

If professional wrestling hasn’t seen enough upheaval in recent times there could be even more on the way.

AEW’s TV partner Warner Bros. Discovery has been a fixture in the news in recent weeks as they continue to attempt to cut some $50 billion worth of debt and CEO David Zaslav looks for someone to head-up DC Films and TV.

While it has now been suggested that the company could even be sold to NBCUniversal. For those keeping score, that’s the company that own the USA Network which airs Monday Night Raw as well as the Peacock streaming service.

According to an article in the Hollywood Reporter an executive with knowledge of both companies commented that Comcast (Who own NBCUniversal) CEO Brian Roberts intends to pursue a merger.

“Obviously Peacock sucks,

“There are some good synergies. I’m sure [Roberts] is licking his chops because the [WBD] stock is so low. And I think that’s Zaslav’s end-game. Get the place sold.”

A spokesperson for Warner Bros. Discovery responded, “We are building Warner Bros. Discovery for the long term.”

It should be noted that talks concerning a merger cannot take place before April 2024, when Comcast has an option, although importantly not an obligation, to sell it’s remaining 33% stake in Hulu to Disney. However, Comcast CEO Roberts recently hinted that the company may even look to purchase Hulu outright.

“I believe if Hulu was put up for sale, Comcast would be interested [in buying it],”

This could mean that before the end of 2024, much of WWE’s programming could be under the same banner as AEW along with both Hulu and Peacock.

It should be noted that Warner Bros. Discovery recently joined with the BT group in the UK to merge BT Sport which broadcasts WWE and Eurosport UK.