WWE Adding Clauses Into Deals With Venues To Impact AEW

WWE AEW Logo over Roster

For decades WWE has been very protective over Madison Square Garden, and it appears that caution is now extending elsewhere.

Not since WCW was going up against the sports entertainment giant, has a rival company as big as AEW been in play.

Following the launch of AEW Collision and as the popularity of the company increases, the promotion is hitting more cities and venues than ever. This naturally means that they will be landing in some venues that also host WWE.

This development seemingly hasn’t gone unnoticed by those within WWE management, and they are taking steps to limit AEW’s potential impact on their ticket sales.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted that WWE is now inserting clauses into its deals with venues in an effort to safeguard ticket revenue.

“There is an interesting note that in arenas that do rent to both AEW and WWE, WWE has put clauses in its deals that AEW can’t run a certain number of weeks before or after the WWE show, and also that AEW and the arena can’t announce the show or sell tickets until after the WWE show has taken place.”

WWE Looking To Make A Splash Outside Of The United States

While AEW is heading to Wembley Stadium in London, England for All In, WWE is also placing a bigger emphasis on international events in 2023. The company has already held Night for Champions in Saudi Arabia, while they’re also stopping off in London for Money In The Bank.

2023 also saw WWE return to Puerto Rico for the first time in 18 years for the incredibly successful Backlash.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that WWE has looked into the possibility of holding an event in Australia, and Nick Khan has confirmed the company will return to India in September.