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WWE 2K22 Teaser Trailer Airs During WrestleMania 37

WWE 2K22

A teaser trailer for WWE 2K22, the next game in the WWE 2K simulation series, aired during night one of WrestleMania 37.

The trailer for features video of Rey Mysterio putting on his mask, and gameplay footage of the high-flyer hitting Cesaro with a 619 in a Raw arena.

The tagline for the new game was revealed to be, “It Hits Different”, and its official Twitter account promised more info would be coming soon.

#WWE2K22. It Hits Different. More info soon… stay tuned.

This will be the first game to be released in the WWE 2K series since WWE 2K21 in October 2019 which received a 43% rating on metacritic compared to the previous installment, WWE 2K19, which garnered 76%.

In April 2020 it was confirmed that there would be no annual WWE simulation game for the first time since the year 2000. The shelved WWE 2K21 was replaced by WWE 2K Battlegrounds. This was a departure from previous releases and featured a more arcade based experience and over-the-top characters.

However, it looks like fans of the traditional WWE sim series can look forward to its return in the near future. No details are currently available regarding features and gameplay elements, but the footage shown in the teaser shows a big step-up in graphics.

We will provide updates on the new game as they become available here at Inside The Ropes.