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Which WWE Superstar Had The Most Wins In 2021?

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In 2021 over 300 WWE Superstars wrestled at least one match for the iconic sports entertainment company with 29 performers racking up an impressive 50+ matches for the WWE, but who was the most dominant performer last year?

When looking at the data available to calculate the most dominant WWE Superstar in 2021, it is important to note the difference between the number of wins and win rate, this article is concerned with the total number of wins racked up by WWE Superstars throughout 2021 and not their overall win percentage.

The reason for this is quite simple, by win percentage, the most dominant WWE performer of 2021 was Bad Bunny [1/0] tied with 20 other athletes with a 100% win rate – ranging from NXT UK’s Blair Davenport [4/0] to WWE RAW’s Veer Mahaan [4/0].

However, looking at the competitors with the most overall wins presents a much clearer and more accurate image of the rankings within the WWE across 2021 and an understanding of who were the most protected performers throughout the year – in many ways, this answers the question of ‘who was the best WWE wrestler in 2021’.

10 – Bobby Lashley – 37 wins.

Former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley is the 10th most dominant WWE performer of 2021 with an impressive 37 wins from 70 matches.

Guided by MVP and assisted by The Hurt Business, Lashley started 2021 as the WWE United States Champion before dropping the belt to Riddle at WWE’s Elimination Chamber PPV. Lashley would then go on to defeat The Miz on RAW in March to capture the WWE Championship a belt he would hold for six months before dropping the belt to, the 2021 Money in the Bank winner, Big E.

9 – Randy Orton – 38 wins.

2021 was just another year when it comes to WWE’s ‘Viper’, 38 wins from 57 matches ranks as Randy Orton’s 12th best year in the WWE [based on total wins] with Orton also raking up his fourth-lowest ever match total for the WWE ahead of only 2000, 2001 and 2020.

‘The Viper’ spent the early parts of 2021 picking up losses against the likes of The Fiend, Alexa Bliss and Edge before an unforeseen friendship with Riddle led to the former WWE Champion collecting 29 wins as part of RK-Bro and capturing the RAW Tag Team Championships in the process.

8 – Dominik Mysterio – 40 wins.

The son of WWE legend Rey Mysterio,Dominik Mysterio, finished 2020 with seven losses and just three wins in his maiden year as a full-time WWE Superstar, however, fast forward to 2021 and the one time son to Eddie Guerrero finds himself with an impressive 40 wins and 25 losses in the WWE.

Only 5 of Mysterio’s 40 wins came in singles action with wins against King Corbin, Chad Gable, Robert Roode and former WWE Champions Dolph Ziggler and Jinder Mahal sandwiching 11 defeats to the likes of Otis, Austin Theory and Sami Zayn. Meanwhile, in tag team action, Dominik boasts an impressive 72.9% win rate, picking up 35 wins from 48 matches including three victories as the SmackDown Tag Team Champions between May and July.

7 – Bianca Belair – 41 wins.

The former Women’s Champion wrestled the third-most matches in the WWE throughout 2021 and the most of any female athlete in the company with an impressive 82 matches, during this time ‘The EST of the WWE’ had a perfect 50% win rate picking up 41 wins and 41 losses throughout the year.

Additionally, Belair captured her first piece of WWE silverware in April, defeating Sasha Banks at WrestleMania, and reigning as SmackDown Women’s Champion until Becky Lynch’s return in August.

6 – Rey Mysterio – 42 wins.

Similarly to, his son and tag team partner, Dominik Mysterio, Rey Mysterio found most of his 2021 success in tag team competition with only four of the former Royal Rumble winners 42 wins coming in singles competition and the remaining 38 coming in tag team competition, although 2021 is only Mysterio’s 6th most successful year in tag team wrestling with the former WWE Champion racking up more wins in 1995, 1999, 2004, 2005 and 2010.

5 – Charlotte Flair – 42 wins.

‘The Queen’ is at the top of the WWE women’s division once again, despite 2021 being only her seventh-best year by win percentage with 2015 remaining her most dominant year to date with a 74% win rate from 146 matches.

In 2021 the multi-time WWE Women’s Champion was able to collect wins over Bayley and Sasha Banks however was unable to defeat ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch at Survivor Series to collect the full set of wins over the ‘Four Horsewomen of the WWE’.

In 2021 Charlotte held the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, WWE RAW Women’s Championship [twice] and the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship making her the most decorated performer on this list in 2021.

4- Damian Priest – 55 wins.

The third former NXT Superstar on our list, Damian Priest boasts an impressive 87.3% win rate in 2021, the highest of any individual on this list, with 55 wins from 63 matches including a reign as WWE United States Champion that is approaching 150 days.

In his maiden year on the WWE main roster, the former NXT North American Champion has picked up wins against a plethora of incredible names including former WWE Champions such as The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Sheamus, Jeff Hardy, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal.

3 – Riddle – 57 wins.

‘The King of Bros’ Riddle has a very impressive 2021 capturing the WWE United States Championship and the RAW Tag Team Championships in his first full year on the WWE main roster.

Riddle wrestled 32 singles matches in 2021 picking up 19 wins and 13 losses whereas in tag team action Riddle boasts an impressive 81.4% win rate picking up 35 wins from 43 matches.

2 – Big E – 58 wins.

Big E may not be having the best start to 2022 after dropping his WWE Championship at Day 1 to ‘The Beast Incarnate’ Brock Lesnar however 2021 will be a year to remember for the former NXT Champion. 58 wins from 77 matches gives Big E an impressive 75.3% win rate including his monumental victory over Bobby Lashley to capture the WWE Championship.

The multi-time WWE Tag Team Champion truly transitioned into a singles competitor in 2021 wrestling his lowest amount of tag team matches [23] since 2012 [14].

1 – Drew McIntyre – 75 wins.

Number one for the second year running is none other than the former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, ‘The Scottish Warrior’ picked up an incredible 75 wins putting him comfortably above Big E in second and over double Bobby Lashley at number ten. The former 3MB frontman lost just 13 times between Money in the Bank and WWE Day 1 with the majority of those losses coming in tag team action with Drew boasting an impressive 80% win rate in singles action with 40 wins from 50 matches and 32 wins from 42 matches in WWE’s tag division.

2022 has started strong for McIntyre with the former NXT Champion handily defeating Madcap Moss as Day 1 setting the Scot up for another dominant year in the WWE.