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Wrestling World Reacts To MJF’s “Pipe Bomb” On AEW Dynamite

MJF stood in the ring

On the June 1st episode of Dynamite, MJF went on the attack against the fans, his fellow wrestlers, even branding Tony Khan a “f*cking mark.” Unsurprisingly, the wrestling world had a lot to say.

While MJF has never been known for being particularly understated, his appearance on the most recent episode of Dynamite will undoubtedly go down in history. Whether that is for the right or wrong reasons, only time will tell.

After a weekend where he missed a fan-fest appearance, and his relationship with AEW President Tony Khan seemingly hung by an ever-increasingly stretched thread, MJF decided to hit back.

Blurring the lines between fact and fiction, storyline and reality, the ‘Salt of the Earth’ launched into a tirade that no one was quite prepared for. The star channelled the anger of Brian Pillman from three decades previously, while many drew comparisons to CM Punk’s legendary pipe bomb promo from June 2011.

During the X-rated rant, MJf referenced the real-life merger between Discovery and Warner, his planned meeting with Tony Khan, hit out at fans for cheering him after calling him a “unprofessional piece of sh*t” days earlier, and named himself a generational talent.

As he continued, the former leader of The Pinnacle blasted his colleagues for not knowing how to work in the ring, adding he didn’t need to do stupid “bullsh*t” to get people to care. The segment reached a crescendo when MJF turned his attention to the “big man in the back.”

He accused Khan of hoarding money to give to ex-WWE Superstars, before begging his boss to fire him, screaming “Fire me Tony! Fire me you f*cking mark!” as his microphone was cut off.

As the show went to a commercial break, CM Punk ran to the ring and chased the star off. The promo, nor MJF were referenced on the rest of the show, with clips of the segment missing from AEW’s official Twitter page.

Following the highly-controversial promo, a number of wrestling stars took to social media to give their reaction.