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WrestleMania Off To Late Start After Rain Delay

Michael Cole & Samoa Joe

After an emotional start to WrestleMania: Back In Business, the weather has hit WWE with a low blow – delaying the Show of Shows for 30 mins.

Several hours before the show started, fans were asked to leave their seats and seek cover amidst precautions taken as lightning threatened to jeopardise the show. However, Stephanie McMahon tweeted that the show was kicking off at 8pm ET (1am UK) prompt with the Raymond James Stadium Twitter account reassuring fans. However, ongoing maintenance was required to keep the set intact, with empty chairs flying across the arena and the sails on the decorative ship being damaged in the rain.

The show did kick off in incredible fashion at 8pm ET on the dot, as Vince McMahon – and the entire WWE roster – officially welcomed the WWE Universe back after over a year of crowd-less shows.

However, shortly after Bebe Rexha‘s rendition of America The Beautiful, we cut to the broadcast booth where Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe informed the audience that the event would be delayed due to rain.

During the 24-minute delay, WWE Superstars would cut impromptu promos backstage, be interviewed by Kayla Braxton and Kevin Patrick, and even give us a preview of their matches, as Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley ran into one another backstage, while The New Day reunited too as Big E crashed an interview with Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston. Michael Cole and Samoa Joe then updated fans while wearing ponchos – in one of the most bizarre moments in WrestleMania history.

34 minutes after originally scheduled, Titus O’Neil and Hulk Hogan took to the stage to introduce our first bout – WWE Champion Bobby Lashley vs Drew McIntyre. You can follow the live results for WrestleMania here.