WrestleMania 39 Plans For Bobby Lashley Revealed If Bray Wyatt Misses The Show

Bobby Lashley entrance

Bobby Lashley’s WrestleMania plans are very much up in the air through no fault of his own.

His planned opponent Bray Wyatt is currently dealing with an unspecified illness, while all mentions of their rivalry on television have been dropped in recent weeks. There has been nothing official, but it has been reported that Wyatt is looking increasingly likely to miss the show.

However, it has now been claimed that no matter what happens to Wyatt, Lashley will be on the card in some form.

The report from Wrestle Votes via GiveMeSport, states that there is a backup plan should Wyatt be unavailable.

“I know that there’s a backup plan… I do know that they’re gonna get Lashley on the card in some form.”

In addition, this backup plan could feature LA Knight.

“I heard the plans for Bobby had something to do with La Knight. I think there’s a tie-in with some type of segment that LA Knight is going to be involved in.”

This comes after an earlier report that revealed there had been a pitch made for Knight to square off against Stone Cold Steve Austin.

How Did Bobby Lashley End Up In A Rivalry With Bray Wyatt?

Bobby Lashley’s road to WrestleMania had already been less than straightforward. At one stage, there had been talk of another match between the All-Mighty and Brock Lesnar. This came as Lesnar’s own WrestleMania plans seemed to be in flux for a number of months.

The biggest twist came when Lesnar forced a change to the finish of his match with Lashley at Elimination Chamber. Lesnar had been penciled in to face Waytt at WrestleMania but turned the match down, which led to Lashley winning in Montreal.