“Worry About Your Own Girl… Oh Wait” – Top AEW Stars Call Out MJF


MJF is one of the most abrasive presences in AEW, and at the upcoming Revolution pay-per-view on March 5th, he’s set to defend his AEW World Championship against Bryan Danielson.

Discussing the upcoming bout on a recent episode of Barstool Rasslin‘, former AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker said she hopes Bryan Danielson emerges victorious in the bout, saying she’s tired of hearing long-winded promos about Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s childhood.

“Listen, I am praying that Bryan Danielson wins this match for the sole fact that there’s a small chance then that we won’t have 30 minute MJF promos every frickin’ week. My brain is melting hearing all his weird stories from when he was a kid, like what is wrong with this guy?”

Seeing the clip posted on Twitter, Friedman indicated that Baker’s real life partner Adam Cole needed to keep his girl “in check.”

“Keep your girl in check….Bay bay.”

AEW’s Britt Baker And Adam Cole Clapped Back At MJF On Social Media

As expected, Friedman’s comment didn’t sit too well with either Baker or Cole, and the two took him to task with their own social media responses.

Cole was first to respond, joking that the champion was simply trying to get his attention before indicating that Danielson was going to hand him a beating in their iron man match at Revolution.

“You don’t wanna go down this road Max. If you want my attention just ask! But I get it, I’d be acting all weird on Twitter too if I knew Bryan was gonna whoop my ass for an hour. Good luck Sunday!”

Baker’s response was even more biting, telling Friedman to worry about his own girl. Her comment comes on the heels of his revelation on last week’s Dynamite that his engagement to partner Naomi Rosenblum had ended.

“Worry about your own girl… Oh wait. Sh*t.”

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