WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament To Begin On Raw

WWE Women's Tag Team Championship

It has been confirmed that the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship will begin on the August 8th episode of Monday Night Raw.

On the May 16th episode of Raw Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out of the taping following a row over creative. At the time pair were also the Women’s Tag Team Champions.

On the SmackDown after the walkout, Michael Cole announced that the women had been suspended, while their Women’s Tag Team Titles were now vacant. It was also confirmed that a new tournament would be held to crown new champions but then the trial went cold.

That is until the August 5th edition of Friday Night SmackDown when it was revealed that the tournament will begin on the upcoming episode of Raw.

The news comes after two-time champion Bayley expressed her desire to bring the titles back, and make them an important part of the show. During the interview, the former NXT star also discussed her efforts to try and unite the women’s locker room.

“It’s going to be a long road, just putting things together and trying to show certain people, or trying to get the whole locker room on the same page,

“If we worked a little less selfishly if we kind of see the bigger picture. I feel like we’ve been in this tunnel of, we’re trying to show our bosses, ‘I have what it takes. No, I have what it takes.’ It turns us against each other. No, let’s show them all what we can do. If we all show them that we can get along and do a show and we’re not going to complain about every little thing, then it will make them want to give us more because we’re easier to work with.

There is a fine line between fighting for what you believe in and then trying to make the best out of every situation. I think I can help the girls that I bring in navigate these things to further the division. I want the tag titles to come back and play a very important role on the show.”

The Women’s Tag Team Championship was created back in February 2019, with the inaugural champions Bayley and Sasha Banks being crowned inside Elimination Chamber. Sasha Banks and Nikki A.S.H. currently hold the record with most individual reigns with three each.