Former Women’s Champion Recalls Being Kicked Out Of WWE Locker Room

WWE Raw Women's Championship Belt

A former Women’s Champion has revealed that they were once kicked out of the WWE locker room and forced to dress in a janitors closet.

For many decades wrestling locker rooms took on almost mythical status. Only those who had “paid dues,” and earned the respect of their inhabitants were deemed welcome. Even then, a wrestler could find themselves cast out for not following the appropriate etiquette, or on the receiving end of often cruel “ribs” or practical jokes.

Although the culture backstage has shifted dramatically in recent years, what goes on in the locker room, tends to stay in the locker room.

Back in the Attitude Era, many of the old ‘rules’ remained and it was possible to run foul of them even without realising.

Before establishing herself as a champion and one of the most respected female performers in WWE history, Victoria appeared as one of The Godfather’s ‘ho’s.’ During his matches, Godfather was accompanied by a number of female companions, some of which were contracted performers, and others came via the many strip clubs of the United States.

Speaking during a recent appearance on the Ten Count on NBC Sports Boston, Victoria discussed this early part of her career. The former Women’s Champion explained that she didn’t know where the ‘ho’s’ came from, and was kicked out of the locker room as no one knew she was under contract with WWE.

“I didn’t realize where they used to get the girls from,”

“They would get the girls, the entourage, from like, strip clubs, from their local strip clubs and stuff like that to come out like, ‘Wooo!’ You know, get the crowd rowdy.

‘They didn’t know I was going to wrestling school, and when I went to the locker room – you know, I came back to the locker room after I was working in the ring, just grappling and stuff like that and introducing myself. I came back and my stuff was outside of the room. I was like, ‘Oh.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ And someone said, ‘You know, this is for contracted girls only,’ and I go, ‘Oh, okay.’

I didn’t make eye contact, and I just took my bag. I go, ‘Okay, okay. I just signed a three-year deal, but that’s okay,’ and I got dressed in the janitors closet.”

After being called up to WWE’s main roster as an in-ring performer in 2002, Victoria went on to win the Women’s Title on two occasions. The star would later leave WWE in 2009 before going on to enjoy a successful run in TNA, winning the Knockouts Title five times.

Victoria’s most recent WWE appearance came at the 2021 Royal Rumble.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.