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William Regal Reveals Which Star Made Him The Most Money

William Regal NXT General Manager

William Regal says that one star is to thank for helping him make more money than any of his other opponents!

While his career had humble beginnings, William Regal found a great deal of success in the wrestling business and spent over two decades as part of the WWE before becoming All Elite.

Speaking on his Gentleman Villain podcast (available early via AdFreeShows), William Regal explained why John Cena has made him more money that anyone else in wrestling, despite him having feuds with top stars such as The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

“In my opinion, and I’ve been around them all, nobody can say a bad word about John Cena to me, because I’ve been lucky to ride off the coattails of a huge amount of people. Right? I’ve rode on the coattails of all the top people in WCW, but the pay thing was a lot different in WWE. I got paid off the gates.

“And I was around Steve Austin, I was lucky enough to be on shows with Steve Austin and The Rock and The Undertaker and all these, you know, Shawn Michaels and Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin and all these incredible people. But there’s nobody as made me as much money because of the time period that I was wrestling in the WWE as John Cena, because of longevity.”

William Regal went on to explain how John Cena consistently being on top of the company for so long was beneficial to everyone who worked shows with the megastar over long periods of time.

“Because, again, a lot of those fellas came and they were huge, incredible, massive stars for a few years, for three or four years. And they’re still huge, massive stars, but they all went in different directions. John stayed the course. And he stayed the course, and I was on every show with him. Nearly every show luckily wherever he moved to, I just lucked out that I was on shows with him.

“And he was making my family more money because I was getting it over the long period of time. Does that make sense? People may be more like Steve, got to be on shows selling out with Steve Austin, got to be on shows selling out with Rock. But it was a couple, the last couple of years that they were around. I had, I think it was 10 years or something with John Cena.”

Though he’s made the transition to Hollywood, John Cena is set to return to WWE on the June 27th Raw in celebration of 20 years since he made his WWE debut on SmackDown. Vince McMahon made a surprise appearance on last week’s episode of Raw to hype up the return and called John Cena the “greatest WWE Superstar of all time.”

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