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William Regal Recalls Arrest After Urinating On Flight Attendant

William Regal

William Regal has come clean 25 years on from his 1997 arrest after he reportedly “urinated” on a flight attendant following a tour of Japan.

William Regal’s history of substance abuse in the late 1990s is no secret. Dave Taylor, Regal’s close friend and former tag team partner, recalled how he was “surprised” that the former European Champion hadn’t passed away from his addiction.

Owing to this, the real-life Darren Matthews found himself arrested in 1997, waking up in an Anchorage, Alaskan jail cell with little-to-no recollection of what had transpired. Speaking on his Gentleman Villian podcast, William Regal recalled the incident that allegedly saw the legendary grappler urinate on a flight attendant (h/t The Sun):

“I stood there and my foot was stopping the door shutting. I hadn’t locked the door. A stewardess came behind me and said, ‘Excuse me, sir.’ I turned around and nothing funny or clever about it, I peed on the lady’s foot. They landed the plane and I woke up in a jail cell in Alaska.”

William Regal continued, insisting that he wasn’t the reason for the plane being forced to land:

“I wasn’t the only person on that plane. I wasn’t the reason that they landed that plane. There was a paparazzi guy in the back who flipped out and started punching people. That was the reason they landed that and they just threw me off. I’m not going to incriminate anyone, but they threw a couple of other wrestlers off because they were doing things as well.

They were like me. They won’t have any idea what they were doing. But I do know what they were doing because WCW investigated this and I found out what they were doing. They got away with it. I didn’t. Soon as this went to court, this lady said, ‘No, he wasn’t doing anything malicious. It was just a drunken incident’.”

This, infamously, isn’t William Regal’s only urine-related incident. During the Attitude Era, Chris Jericho hilariously urinated in Regal’s tea, with the then-WWF Commissioner drinking the infected beverage.

Released by WWE in January, Regal has since landed in All Elite Wrestling. He debuted at March’s Revolution pay-per-view, taking both Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson under his wing. The trio have since formed Blackpool Combat Club alongside Wheeler YUTA, though Regal is reportedly also working backstage as a coach.