William Regal To Make ‘Landscape Changing’ Announcement On NXT

William Regal WWE NXT Landscape Shifting Announcement

During the March 3rd edition of WWE NXT, William Regal announced that following Adam Pearce’s involvement in the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match he would make a ‘landscape changing’ announcement on next weeks blockbuster episode of WWE NXT.

The events leading to Regal’s announcement unfolded during the scheduled NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship match between the 2021 Dusty Cup winners [Dakota Kai and Raquel González] and the reigning Tag Team Champions – Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax.

González had finally tagged into the match following a long period of isolation, from partner Dakota Kai, during her ensuing brawl with Nia Jax WWE’s official for the match was knocked out leaving Jax and González to brawl on the outside.

The two competitors would wipe one another out over the WWE NXT announce table, leaving Shayna Baszler alone in the ring with the non-legal competitor- Dakota Kai. Baszler would then lock in the Kirifuda Clutch causing Kai to pass out with no official around to force the former NXT Women’s Champion to break the hold.

WWE official Adam Pearce [seen regularly on WWE RAW and SmackDown] would come rushing down to the ring, sending a WWE RAW official in to call off the match and award Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax the win via submission-despite Kai not being the legal competitor and thus not eligible to be pinned/submitted.

There is no confirmation as of yet regarding what the outcome of Regal’s announcement may be and fans of the Black-and-Gold brand will need to week until next weeks edition of the show to find out.

Next weeks edition of WWE NXT is set to feature two major title matches with both the NXT Championship and NXT Women’s Championships on the line, Finn Balor will face-off against Adam Cole whilst Io Shiari will look to avenge her May Young Classic loss to Toni Storm.

Full Results from the March 3rd edition of WWE NXT are available on ITRWrestling.com