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William Regal Reveals How He Nearly Lost His Leg

William Regal

William Regal has revealed that he almost had his leg amputated in 2018, in what quickly became a life and death situation.

Speaking on a recent episode of Talk Is Jericho, with AEW star Chris Jericho, William Regal opened up about a serious health scare he suffered in 2018.

During the conversation, Regal explained that he had been suffering with pericarditis, which is an inflammation of the sack around your heart, since 1998. He went on to reveal that while undergoing scans on his abdomen, a cardiologist noticed a problem linked with his pericarditis, which if untreated would give him six months to live.

“They send me for a scan on my abdomen. Again, fortunately for me there was a cardiologist in the room, this lady saved my life. She said ‘Hang on, there’s something there.’ They couldn’t scan there because I had already been injected with the dye, we can only do one. I come back Monday and I get a scan I’ve never had before.

I go home and within an hour I’m told I’ve got less than 6 months to live. This sack around my heart had completely calcified, my heart was like a goose egg. It was completely constricted and grown into a lump of solid rock. They were tapping with a scalpel like a goose egg, peel it off and it looks like a beating heart. If they didn’t take this off, I would have 6 months to live, they had to take it off. Fortunately WWE got me a doctor in Atlanta that could do this.”

Regal revealed that during this period he was in hospital for two months, although he insisted going home for Christmas. However, while at home his condition worsened and he was forced to return to hospital. Once back in hospital it was discovered that Regal had sepsis in his leg, and conversations took place regarding amputation.

“I was 8 weeks in hospital after that, this was November and I insisted on coming out by Christmas. My son Bailey was home for Christmas and I needed to see him, but I thought I wasn’t going to make it. I was cramping from head to toe, but I insisted on going out. By New Year’s, I woke up in bed and insisted on staying out of hospital, but they were insisting I go back in. I try to get out of bed, collapse, my wife can’t move me, I am completely cramped up.

They get me in the ambulance and back to hospital, but I thought I was going to die. January 4th I got sepsis in my leg. I don’t believe in anything but something gets me through this stuff. My wife gets a call at 3am on January 4th that I’ve got sepsis in my leg and they are going to cut it off. I have 24 hours to live if they don’t.”

Despite the scare, William Regal returned to work with WWE, remaining with the company until he was released on January 5th 2022. After bringing his in-ring career to an end in 2013, The British legend went on to become NXT General Manger, and work behind the scenes as Director of Talent Development and Head of Global Recruiting.

After leaving WWE, Regal made his debut in AEW at Revolution on March 6th, where he confronted Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson.

On the following episode of Dynamite, Regal acted as manager for the pair as they set their sights on taking over AEW.

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