William Regal Recalls Unprompted Backstage Fight With Sycho Sid

William Regal Blackpool Combat Club

William Regal has recalled a backstage altercation involving himself and Sycho Sid, an incident he admits came out of the blue when Sid randomly attacked him.

It’s not just Andrade El Idolo and Sammy Guevara who can get into brief squabbles backstage – Blackpool Combat Club’s William Regal can as well, though admittedly his brawling days were in the nineties.

Speaking on his Gentleman Villain podcast, the former WCW World Television Champion recalled the incident he had with Sycho Sid, which supposedly came during their time together in World Championship Wrestling. Regal detailed how, while speaking to Col. Robert Parker outside his hotel room, he was attacked from out of nowhere.

Regal thought Sid was joking at first, but the situation quickly became out of control:

“I have no idea what possessed him to do this. Sid has grabbed me around the throat from behind and has gone, ‘Argh, I’ve got him now!’ Well, that didn’t last long because he’s got his big, daft head there with all that curly hair, so I’ve just grabbed his hair, I’ve dragged him over the top of me, and I’ve stuck him in a grovit [submission move] on the floor.”

William Regal got the upper hand in the situation and asked Sid what his problem was, admitting in this podcast that he was ready to break the former WWE Champion’s nose.

Backstage altercations are becoming commonplace in modern wrestling, with the latest example coming from All Elite Wrestling. An incident involving Andrade El Idolo and Sammy Guevara ultimately led to Andrade being sent home and removed from an anticipated encounter vs. Pres10 Vance on the 7 October AEW Rampage.

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