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William Regal Pro Wrestling Tees Store Opens

William Regal

Following his departure from WWE in January, William Regal is how and “hip and stuff” with a Pro Wrestling tees store.

William Regal was released by WWE on January 5th after more than two decades with the company. After retiring from in-ring competition in 2013, Regal became ever more involved in NXT.

While appearing as General Manager on NXT television, he also acted as WWE’s Head of Global Recruiting.

Following his departure from the company, Regal has remained quiet over his future in the wrestling business, and it remains to be seen if or indeed when he will return. In the meantime, it has been confirmed that he now has a Pro Wrestling Tees store where fans can buy his merchandise.

Posting on social media about the announcement, Regal said that he was now “hip and stuff” before thanking everyone involved for making it possible.

William Regal has only addressed his release from WWE once since January 5th, posting a statement thanking the company for his time there, and saving his life in 1999 when he was struggling with addiction.

The British legend initially signed with WWE in 1998, although his first run with the company was a short one as he left to check into rehab in early 1999.

However, the he returned in September 2000, going onto become WWF Commissioner. Regal remained with WWE, wrestling all of the way up until November 2013, where he was beaten by Cesaro on an episode of NXT in what he later confirmed was his last match.

During his time in the ring, Regal became a multiple-time Intercontinental, European and Tag Team Champion as well as King of the Ring. Regal is widely regarded as one of the best wrestlers to never win a World Championship.

After hanging up his boots, Regal transitioned into a backstage role with NXT. This led to him becoming the much-loved on-screen General Manager. Behind the scenes, Regal operated as head scout for the company under the title Director of Talent Development and Head of Global Recruiting.