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William Regal Pays Tribute To Bobby Eaton – “I Was So In Awe Of Him”

William Regal & Bobby Eaton

Speaking in a new interview, William Regal has paid tribute to Bobby Eaton after the tag team legend passed away aged just 62 on August 4th.

“Beautiful” Bobby Eaton was best known for his time as part of the Midnight Express with first ‘Lover Boy’ Dennis Condrey, and later ‘sweet’ Stan Lane, under the managerial guidance of Jim Cornette. Through the 1980’s the team enjoyed great success wherever they appeared, and are widely regarded as one of the greatest tag teams in pro wrestling history.

By the time that 1995 rolled around, Eaton was appearing for WCW. After finding only limited success through 1993 and 1994, and a brief foray into ECW, Bobby Eaton began to team with William Regal. The pair along with Dave Taylor and their butler Jeeves became known as The Blue Bloods.

Regal reflected on this period of his career in conversation with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated.

The British legend explained how Eaton initially worked with him alongside a young Triple H, to get them into shape as a tag team. Triple H was supposed to appear with the group but left to join the WWF.

“Before I teamed with Bobby, he’d spent a lot of time working with me and Triple H, harnessing our skills as a tag team over a six-week period. Then I had the chance to work with Bobby, so it was the best thing possible for me to learn.”

“When I started teaming with Bobby, immediately, we clicked. Everything we did, in the ring and out of it, I learned so much. As a travel partner, he was a complete and utter joy to be around. It was incredible for me. I got to learn tag wrestling from Bobby Eaton.”

Regal continued, detailing the precision with which Eaton worked. The NXT General Manager also admitted that he found himself watching Eaton wide-eyed during their matches, adding that “his work will never go out of style.”

“Bobby brought such incredible precision to everything he did. So much so, it would take me out of the moment. I’d be standing there with my mouth open, and I’d ask myself, ‘How does he do that?’ Then I’d remind myself to get back in character and go. He had an old-school skill, and we never planned anything out. His timing was precise, and in the ring, he was in total control. I was so in awe of him. He was incredible to watch. His work will never go out of style. It will never run its course. If you put those matches on today, it will still draw a reaction. Bobby’s tag matches are timeless.”

After the group disbanded, Eaton remained with WCW until 2000. During this time he helped pass on his knowledge to the next generation, working as a trainer at WCW’s Powerplant. Eaton wrestled his last match in October 2015 in a losing effort to long-time rival Ricky Morton of the Rock N’ Roll Express.