William Regal Once Passed Out During Vince McMahon Meeting

Vince McMahon and William Regal

William Regal didn’t endear himself to Vince McMahon when he accidentally passed out in the middle of a meeting with the Executive Chairman himself!

Vince McMahon is known to have certain pet peeves: From sneezing to nodding and even wearing jackets during winter, McMahon expects those around him to avoid these unless they wish to draw his ire. But nothing is as irritating to the former WWE CEO than falling asleep in his presence, something William Regal found out personally!

During the latest edition of Grilling JR, Jim Ross recalled the time he tried to make a pitch to Vince McMahon relating to William Regal. As Ross was attempting to sell his idea to McMahon, Regal unfortunately fell asleep during the meeting – something Vince quickly noticed and didn’t take too kindly to.

“I’ve always been in his corner, sometimes to my own chagrin,” Ross said. “When you take a guy that you really believe has something to offer, that I did with Regal, and you take him into Vince McMahon’s office, the three of you are sitting at Vince’s table, and I get a kick in my shin. I just think Vince moved his leg and he’s got big feet and inadvertently hit me, but he was trying to get my attention. ‘Look over.’ I look at Regal and he’s asleep. So, that kind of killed my pitch. Not even my salesmanship could salvage that one.

So, he did some things that were self-destructive, but it didn’t mean he didn’t have a good heart, it didn’t mean he didn’t have great knowledge of the business. He’s a really good teacher and has a great eye for talent, but when you fall asleep in your big interview in the boss’ office, you kind of cut your feet out from under you because the old man just looked at it like, ‘He just wasted my time, this guy.'”

Several WWE Figures Had Moral “Misgivings” Over Vince McMahon’s Return

Despite re-signing with WWE late-last year, Eric Young made a surprise return to IMPACT Wrestling at Slammiversary. Subsequent reports revealed that Young had requested his release from WWE following Endeavour’s acquisition of the company, citing moral reasons against working under Vince McMahon.

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Young isn’t the only one who felt apprehensive over McMahon’s return. It was noted that there were others that expressed “misgivings” over the Executive Chairman’s return to power though none, other than Young, were willing to quit over the move.

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