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William Regal Explains How A Little Person Once Gave Him A Black Eye

William Regal & Finlay

William Regal showed up to WrestleMania X-Seven with a black eye and finally, he’s detailed why, exactly, that was the case.

The opening match of WrestleMania X-Seven saw an often-overlooked clash between William Regal and the defending Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho. ‘Le Champion’ ultimately walked away with the title intact. Regal, meanwhile, left the event almost black and blue.

William Regal was pictured with a black eye at the pay-per-view, having picked up the blemish in the build-up to the famed event. At the time, he was on the cusp of becoming the on-screen Commissioner, with his pre-‘Mania antics seeing Regal involved in a mini-rivalry with Al Snow.

Explaining on his Gentleman Villian podcast, the now-AEW star recalled just how, exactly, he suffered a black eye:

“The only thing that comes to mind is we did a, it was myself and it was Al Snow. I think it was me and Al Snow trying to vie for Mr McMahon’s attention to become the commissioner. I believe that’s the scene early on in my run in WWE. Yep, 2000 or 2001. And there were, little people is the correct term now, dwarfs were brought in and I believe they were with Al.

The week before or either the week after, one of them, I tried to pick them up. If you see me at WrestleMania X-Seven, I picked one up the week before and he punched me right in the eye and I have a black eye in WrestleMania X-Seven, and it was from a little person as I picked him up to do something, he just went ah and punched me in the face and blacked me eye.”

William Regal ultimately became the WWF Commissioner when he defeated Al Snow on the 8 March 2001 broadcast of SmackDown. He remained in the position until being fired by Linda McMahon, having defected to The Alliance and subsequently becoming the Alliance Commissioner.

Suffering a black eye was just one of a handful of injuries sustained by William Regal during his legendary career. He also detailed on the Gentleman Villian podcast how Vince McMahon saved his life in 1999 while Regal was undergoing neck surgery, with McMahon having paid the costs.

The real-life Darren Matthews would remain an in-ring performer until retiring in December 2013 against Antonio Cesaro. He was released from the company in January 2022, having spent the last several years working for WWE in a talent recruitment capacity. William Regal is now in All Elite Wrestling as the manager of Blackpool Combat Club.

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