William Regal On Two “Horrible” Wrestling Terms He Hates

William Regal

William Regal has revealed the two wrestling terms he hates the most, claiming that anyone who uses them needs to “check themselves.”

Although his own in-ring career never saw him reach the very top of the World Championship mountain, William Regal is widely regarded as one of the greatest minds in the entire wrestling industry.

After helping form and establish NXT alongside Triple H, launching the careers of many of WWE’s top Superstars in the process, Regal was released by the company in January 2022. However, the British star wasn’t away from the business for long, debuting with AEW at Revolution just two months later.

As wrestling fans have become more and more knowledgably and kayfabe has died a slow death, “insider” wrestling terms are much more widely used. However, two of those words in particular don’t sit particularly well with the veteran.

Speaking on his Gentleman Villain podcast, Regal discussed the “horrible” terms that he finds disrespectful.

“That word needs to go right out the window… it shouldn’t be said,” Regal stated about the term “jobber”

“The way it’s said is so demeaning to people, and all these people who write about wrestling they all should check themselves in the mirror because they might say, ‘Oh they shouldn’t say mark,’ but they’ll still call people jobbers, don’t do it. It’s a horrible term to call somebody who is willing to help further your career because that’s what basically anybody who is willing to put you over is doing, is help further your career, you should be cherishing these people not talking bad about them.”

Regal was most recently seen at AEW All Out where he accompanied the Blackpool Combat Club’s Jon Moxley into battle against CM Punk. However, it wasn’t a good night for the AEW World Champion as he lost his prized title to the highly controversial star.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.