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William Regal Reveals The Controversial Wrestling Term He Refuses To Use

William Regal

William Regal opened up about the term he hates in wrestling and why it hinders people from advancing in their craft.

Recent AEW signee William Regal has traveled the world and seen plenty during his decades in the professional wrestling business. Though he made his start working in carnivals, he recently spoke to Chris Jericho on his Talk is Jericho podcast about why he hates the term “mark” when it comes to describing a wrestling fan. He believes looking down on an audience leads to complacency, keeping performers from having the motivation to improve.

“I’ve never ever used the term ‘mark.’ I hate that term; I think it’s a nasty, horrible derogatory term to call somebody who’s willing to give you their time, money and whatever with this job, what you should think about is the people who’re willing to give you their precious time to watch you do your thing, you should never look down on them. Because if you do, you’ll stay at that level I think. You won’t try to better your craft; you get to a certain, ‘Oh, what’s it matter? Eh.'”

Continuing, William Regal went on to speak with Jericho about attending concerts, and how he wouldn’t want to attend a show where a band is looking down on him for being there.

“You play, right? And you’ve been to a thousand concerts? And I did when I was younger, and some of the same bands are still about. But would you like to spend your hard earned money to go to see a band thinking that they were looking down on you, thinking look at these idiots? Well that’s what a mark is. And so when wrestlers talk like that… I’ve never talked like that.”

William Regal says that the reason he’s stayed in the wrestling business for so long is that he had respect for his audience, despite being one of the few wrestlers left who made their start in the carnival circuit where the term “mark” originated.

“And I’m the only… well, me and Robbie Brookside, the only real carny, carnival wrestlers left in this industry. Or, we’re not obviously, we’re no longer doing this. But we’re still in it. But I’ve never talked like that, with that nonsense way of thinking, and I think it holds people back on being open minded to do things differently or the way you look at your audience. Maybe that’s what’s kept me around, because I’ve never had that silly notion.”

Elsewhere in the interview, William Regal recalled his final match that took place during his time with WWE. After working for the company for over two decades, William Regal was released from WWE on January 5th. He recently shocked the world by making his AEW debut at Revolution, breaking up a fight between Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson, who had just faced each other. Moxley and Danielson are now a tag team with Regal as their manager.

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