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William Regal On How The Boogeyman Gave Him A Permanent Scar

William Regal & The Boogeyman

William Regal has revealed that an in-match exchange with The Boogeyman left him with a permanent scar and nerve damage.

During his in-ring career, William Regal was known to work a little snug, and he expected the same from his opponents. Regal transferred this hard-hitting style from the British wrestling circuit to some of the biggest arenas in the world.

It’s a style that can be seen in the current work of Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley. During the physical portion of a match, the aim is to make the action look as realistic as possible.

However, sometimes this style can come with a few unintended consequences. Speaking on the latest episode of his Gentleman Villain podcast, available early on AdFreeShows, William Regal recalled his move from SmackDown to Raw in the mid-2000’s.

“So this would have been, right before I went back on to Raw, I’d been on SmackDown in the mid 2000s, I was going back on Raw to slowly work into being what became the King of the Ring thing. But that wasn’t in the books or that it was just I was getting moved back from Smackdown to Raw.

And it was to have a big talking part, I was going to be working with Mr. McMahon, which was we always had great chemistry. And I wasn’t really sure where it was going. But Brian Gewirtz who was a great supporter and put me in some incredible opportunities and situations to make some memories and a lot of great body of work. He wanted me back on Raw.”

Just before the switch, Regal explained that he was working with The Boogeyman who threw a less than impressive looking punch at the British star during the match. After the bout, Regal pulled up his opponent over the miscue, telling him that in future just to lay the punches in, and he’ll deal with the consequences.

It turned out that the consequences were more than 20 stitches and nerve damage!

“Well, two weeks before that, we’re doing a double shot up in the northeast and I forget the name of the towns but I was in a tag match with Dave Taylor, and it was against Scotty 2 Hotty and The Boogeyman. I think the world of Marty lovely fella, he threw what I considered in the first match a bit of a not so good punch. And I said just screamed hit me again. So he hit me and it caught me but it wasn’t that bad. Well, we were doing a double shot that day, afternoon shot, night shot.

So before the night time show, I said, ‘Look, Marty, you got to I’d rather take a punch in the mouth than have to you know put over some hokey-looking thing. It’s just not my it’s not the way I wrestle not the way I was brought up to wrestle.’ I’m all about protecting the strength of the job. That’s an old British term, keeping the strength of the job.

I said just hit me. I said it. I’ll take it. It’s on me. So we get in there. And finally we end up together. And he goes Bosh. And I ended up with I think it was six stitches or eight stitches on the outside and 16 stitches on the inside. He was mad about it.”

William Regal added that he found the incident funny because The Boogeyman had done exactly what he told him to do. Continuing on, the AEW star said that despite his injury he carried on working as WWE began the move to HDTV.

But now, you know, different day and age? And do you think I was going to call Brian Gewitz and say or Mr. McMahon and say, Sorry, boss, sorry, Brian. I can’t go on to roll in two weeks, because I can’t talk as well as I can possibly. No, So I went on there. I’ve got moved to Raw and started a different phase of my life, which was, I started to grow my hair.

There was a lot of things were changing at that time. But I was on the very first try-out for HDTV, which was at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. And it wasn’t shown on TV, but it was the first time they did HDTV. And as soon as I saw myself, I used to have the short blonde hair with gel in it. Well I looked bald because HDTV is a different world, right? So it just makes anybody with light hair and gel in it. So I thought the hair has got to start growing. And then we’ll probably get into this in a different episode. But there was then I want I wanted to change character.

There’s also another little note there that on, that was the the inklings of that. Later on, I was on the first HDTV Live episode. I can’t remember if it was live or taped on my show for Smackdown or Raw. Mr. McMahon pulled me to the side. And he said, Darren, can I talk to you? I said, Yes, boss. He said, I want you to be the one the first one who changes everything as far as facial wise.

He said, Because this HDTV picks up everything in a completely different world to what we’re used to you, you’re always the one known for pulling faces. And you know, the big faces and yes, and big expressions. I want you to take it the other way. wishes do it as little as possible. And little nostril flares and the little glances.”

Following the move to Raw, William Regal enjoyed one of the most successful spells of his career where he was crowned King of the Ring and feuded with Triple H.

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