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William Regal Talks THAT Blackpool Combat Club Promo

William Regal Blackpool Combat Club

William Regal has discussed putting together the stunning video package on the Blackpool Combat Club that was produced by AEW.

William Regal has taken the bull by the horns since joining AEW in the spring of 2022 by putting together Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson together as a team known as the Blackpool Combat Club. Since their debut together, the BCC have shown they have an eye on the future by taking the talented Wheeler Yuta under their wing as well.

Recently on AEW television a promo video aired for the group that showed Regal putting Yuta through his paces while talking about the incredible violence the group is looking to inflict on their enemies.

Speaking on his Gentleman Villain podcast [available early at] William Regal discussed how the memorable video came to be:

“Well, it was incredible when I watched it, and I’m not a big fan of watching my own stuff. We shot that in a very short amount of time. We went to a gym in Dallas early morning, which Bryan Danielson organised, and then, and I apologise greatly because I can’t remember the gentleman’s name who filmed it.”

“So we went, and we filmed in the early morning in a like, a powerlifting gym really, or a sort of a CrossFit gym with no mats. And we just wrestled and talked for half an hour or so, maybe more. We just actually trained the way we would normally train and showing Wheeler things that I would normally show people but well, no, I wouldn’t normally show them that actually.”

“These were – I’ve mentioned in commentary that there’s a lot of dirty tricks and a lot of nasty, spiteful things, and we were just going through some of those and different little techniques and no sportsmanlike conduct to finish people off very quickly. And we did that.”

As for Regal’s chilling narration on the video, the English rogue says that was him talking off the top of his head for three minutes straight:

“And then at the TV, if I believe that night, John Carlo came up and said, would you like to go and do a voiceover for this and went found a place backstage and George lit it up. And I sat down and I thought they were just going to take little sound bites of whatever it was. And I just talked for three minutes. And that was it.”

“Then after I finished it, it was a one-take thing which they ended up playing in in its entirety and never touched it. So that was just me talking for the three minutes or whatever it was. And then John Carlo asked for a couple of close-ups, which was me doing that, and a couple of just looking into the camera, it was all done and dusted in about 15 minutes, the entire thing if that, even.”

“That’s including setting the lights up and everything, it was just done, and I couldn’t believe the results from it. Nobody gave us any creative 15 minutes before that. They said, Oh, we’d like to film that this thing. I never put a second thought into it.”

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