William Regal Addresses Leaving AEW

William Regal AEW

William Regal worked for WWE for 22 years before being released in January of last year. Many fans saw his departure as a sign of Triple H’s waning influence within the company as Regal was much closer to HHH than he was to Vince McMahon.

After that departure, Regal was signed by AEW and became an on-screen authority guide of sorts. Though he wasn’t the same on-screen authority figure as he was in NXT, he was still considered an authority on wrestling, which led to him becoming the figurehead for the Blackpool Combat Club.

However, his tenure was cut short after a sudden departure which occurred at the end of the same year. Rumors began circulating that Regal was allegedly disappointed with whom and what he was dealing with.

Furthermore, the change in power dynamics that occurred within WWE after Vince McMahon’s initial departure was said to have made working there a more interesting prospect for the forty-year industry veteran.

William Regal gives more detail on why he left AEW

Although Regal’s official exit from AEW took place at the very end of 2022, there was no comment from the man until recently.

Earlier today, Regal posted a series of Tweets explaining why he left AEW and how his exit was processed.

According to Regal himself, his decision to leave AEW was not due to any agenda or due to politics, but due to some health issues he suffered many years earlier and that “all he had left was time.”

“Time and time spent was the reasons for my leaving, no agenda for anything else. I have lived through some serious times in 2018/19 and realize time is all I have.”

The full thread is currently available on Regal’s Twitter. Aside from the above comments, he also took the time to thank the people in AEW for his experience there and he to remind people that “you can be a decent human being without having an agenda or taking advantage.”

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