Will Ospreay Has Had Talks About Wrestling In Dubai

Will Ospreay, Dan Maloney

Former WWE NXT UK Superstar, Dan Moloney, says that Will Ospreay has shown interest in wrestling in Dubai.

The reach of professional wrestling continues to expand, and this time it has infiltrated one of the Middle East’s most well-known cities, Dubai. The Dubai wrestling scene has been growing in the last number of years and this time it has seen former WWE NXT UK competitor Dan Moloney within its ranks.

Dubai has been hosting a series of shows; and through its local training facility, has been educating a multitude of Dubai-based trainees on how to become experienced professional wrestlers. Moloney and his opponent, a local Emirati wrestler by the name of Shaheen, competed in a death-defying main event for the inaugural Dubai World Wrestling Championship.

After the show, Dan Moloney sat with Inside the Ropes’ own KJ and discussed what wrestling in Dubai has been like for him. He then described the future of Dubai as being one that can reach the level of the United Kingdom or even North America at some point.

Moloney then revealed that he had been talking to a good friend of his, Will Ospreay, and said that Ospreay had been discussing wrestling in Dubai with him.

“I have a good friend back home called Billy Goat, Will Ospreay. And we’ve had a few talks about this place; we’ve had a few back-and-forths about this place. And you know, if not me for that [Dubai World Wrestling] championship then, there’s someone that carries belts pretty well where I’m from. So, I’m really keen to see if we can get Mr. Billy Goat out here. Maybe drop Shaheen on his head with a few Stormbreaks for me, I think that will be pretty exciting.”

Shaheen who is the inaugural Dubai World Wrestling Champion, and who also helps build the match cards, also sat down with KJ and was very optimistic of the cross-over potential that could exist between Dubai and the United Kingdom.

“…I’d love to do a cross-over one day. Maybe bridge the gap between the U.S., the U.K., Dubai, and the other countries around the world.”

Dubai hosts WrestleFest DXB on a near-monthly basis with the fan base increasing every show. ‘Fahrenheit 971’, a WrestleFest DXB exclusive show, had a variety of matches take place on its diverse card.

The show saw Dubai-based wrestler, Nova Nox win four medals in order to earn a title match. It then featured a 2-on-1 handicap match with crowd favourite Eli Hush taking a violent beating at the hands of the returning Fayez. The co-main event featured a brutal Four Corners match, and the main event saw a gripping Unsanctioned Match close the show.