Will Ospreay Reveals Cody Rhodes & The Elite Forgot Him For The Original All In

Will Ospreay Set For Huge Singles Match At AEW All In

Will Ospreay will have more than just one chip on his shoulder when it comes to AEW All In this weekend.

The IWGP United States Champion will be facing Chris Jericho mono-a-mono on August 27 in Will’s backyard of Wembley Stadium. Ospreay, however, revealed on social media that this wasn’t originally supposed to be his inaugural All In. He remembers a correspondence he once had with Cody Rhodes back in 2018.

“True story. Cody asked months after the first one ‘Why wasn’t you on All In?’ My reply was ‘You didn’t ask.’ Essentially they forgot to message me to be part of their history. Took long enough, but finally part of All In at Wembley Stadium…and I’m not All Elite…I’m above it.”

Will Ospreay Will Hope To Leave His Mark At AEW All In

Just as the original All In made history for pro wrestling back in 2018, AEW aims to do the same with All In in Wembley as it’s set to become the largest attended event in pro wrestling history. On the media call in advance for the event, Tony Khan said that there have been 80,000 tickets distributed for All In. Will Ospreay vs. Chris Jericho are only one of three singles matches to take place on the card. Ospreay vs. Jericho was made official just last week on AEW Dynamite.

The other two singles bouts are CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe for the “Real” AEW World Heavyweight Championship and then of course, the main event between MJF and Adam Cole for the AEW World Heavyweight Title.