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Will Ospreay Provides Latest Update On His Neck Injury

Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay has provided the latest update on the issues around his neck that caused the Englishman to have to vacate the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship.

Ospreay was forced to vacate the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship following a neck injury sustained in his match with Shingo Takagi on night 2 of Wrestling Dontaku. Ospreay became the second person to ever hold the revamped IWGP World Heavyweight Title when he defeated inaugural champion Kota Ibushi at Sakura Genesis in April.

NJPW’s statement on Ospreay giving up his title said:

“On May 4’s night two of Wrestling Dontaku in Fukuoka, Will Ospreay sustained a neck injury. As a result, Ospreay will not be participating in the next series of events and will instead return to the UK for treatment and rehabilitation.”

“There is no timetable for Ospreay’s return to action at this time, and as a result, his IWGP World Heavyweight Championship will be vacated.”

“Further announcements on the status of the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship will be made at a later date.”

Voices of Wrestling has reported that there has been some disagreement between NJPW and Ospreay over potential treatment. The report says that the London-born star wished to return to England but the company wanted him to stay in Japan. This comes amongst rumours of a number of both foreign and Japanese talent being unhappy with the company following a COVID-19 breakout amongst the roster early in May.

Ospreay was due to face Kazuchika Okada at Wrestle Grand Slam for the championship on the 29th of May. That event was originally postponed due to the outbreak and the Japanese government announcing a continuation of the state of emergency in and around Tokyo.

Ospreay took to social media to give an update on the status of his neck, saying:

“Had my physio pop over the house today & after further digging I’m now being referred for another MRI on my lower back as well for fears I may have the same issue in my neck. Things ain’t looking good, but I’m determined to comeback this year. Thanks for all the support.”