Will Ospreay – It’s “Cute” That WWE Is Taking Money In The Bank To England

Will Ospreay

It has been reported that Will Ospreay will be part of arguably the biggest British wrestling event in decades when AEW heads to Wembley Stadium for All In.

However, despite claims that he’s been booked for the show, the man himself is giving little away. Speaking in a recent interview with Fightful, Ospreay stated that he still doesn’t know whether he’ll be involved.

Although clearly keen to not confirm or deny his involvement, the star went on to reflect on the importance of the event commenting that England has been starving for a high-quality pay-per-view show. Ospreay added that while he feels England should have been given a WrestleMania by now, it’s “cute” that WWE will host Money In The Bank in London on July 1st.

“I think England’s been starving for a real good pay-per-view quality [show],” Ospreay stated. “In reality, we should’ve got a WrestleMania, you know what I mean? We should’ve, but it’s nice that they’re going to give us a Money in the Bank. I think that’s cute.”

Will Ospreay Uncertain How Much Longer Career Will Last

Ahead of making his latest return from injury with 1PW in April,Will Ospreay questioned how long he will be able to continue wrestling. In a video on social media, the star admitted that his high-risk, high-flying in-ring style has taken its toll and he’s had to tone down some of the moves that he uses in the ring.

However, the defiant British star promised to give as much as he can for as long as his body will hold up.

H/t to Wrestling Inc