Will Ospreay – “I Don’t Know If This Ride’s Gonna Be A Long One”

Will Ospreay makes his entrance as IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion at AEWxNJPW Forbidden Door 2022

On April 16th it was revealed that Will Ospreay had been cleared to return to action.

Ospreay hasn’t wrestled since defeating Mark Davis in the second round of the New Japan Cup on March 13th. Although he advanced to the third round, Ospreay was forced to pull out of the tournament due to a shoulder injury.

However, it has been confirmed that the British star will be back in action on April 22nd for 1PW to take on Bobby Fish.

Speaking in a new video posted on social media, Ospreay reflected on his career to date and discussed the impact his high-action style has had on his body. The star said that his body was “deteriorating” before the world, admitting that he’s not sure how long his career will last. However, he added that he will continue to perform for as long as he physically can.

“Alright guys, I just pulled up out of my gym and I just wanna do a video because I think it’s better than doing a notes app. I got medically cleared two days ago and it’s a weird one, I’ve seen my physio now for about five weeks, I’ve got the range of motion back in my arm. The strength is there somewhat but because I was able to complete four strength exercises apparently I’m medically cleared.

It does feel a lot better I still feel like there is a lot of weakness in my arm which the sensible answer is to take a little bit more time off. Over the last 48 hours, I’ve just been reminicsing and thinking about my 11 year career. It’s been incredible but the one thing that’s been constant, especially in these last few years is that the injuries have stacked up a lot more recently.

It’s because I’m getting older as well, it’s because I’m getting heavier but because of that the move set I started with when I was 22 years old has kind of vanished and disappeared. It’s not out of choice, it’s just my body can’t do it anymore. I can’t perform a Shooting Star Press safely anymore so I’ve decided that it’s best to cut it out.

I’m not gonna lie to you guys, I feel like my body and me personally are deteriorating in front of everyone’s eyes. It kind of is really upsetting and it’s because I chose to do this style. I understand the risks that come with this style but it suits me down to a T and I think everyone enjoys it.

So having said that I don’t know if this ride’s gonna be a long one if everyone understands what I mean. But then I think – I’m from Essex, I didn’t think I’d reach this far in my career anyway so I’m just gonna enjoy myself and hope for the best. I am gonna have to change things up a lot but I am gonna compete, I am gonna come back and I am gonna – to the best of my abilities – to do this as much as I physically can. I don’t know how long this ride’s gonna be, to be honest with you guys. I hope you guys enjoy the ride.”

Will Ospreay Vs. Kenny Omega At Forbidden Door II?

Will Ospreay opened the year with an acclaimed match against Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 17. Following the bout, it was reported that a rematch had been discussed for AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door II on June 25th.

The former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion is also hoping to make another AEW appearance two months later. The company recently announced that it will be heading to the United Kingdom for All In on August 27th. Ospreay has since admitted that he would like to be involved to make his dad proud.

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