Will Ospreay Calls Out ‘Little B*tch’ Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay and Kenny Omega have continued to trade barbs online with the Commonwealth Kingpin now accusing the Best Bout Machine of being an “insecure little b*tch”.

Over the past few weeks, Will Ospreay and Kenny Omega have become increasingly hostile with one another. During an interview in June, Omega dismissed the multiple 5-Star match ratings Ospreay has achieved as “forgettable”.

Will Ospreay soon hit back at the former AEW World Champion, accusing him of being “fragile”. He followed up by releasing a new t-shirt which used Omega’s “Best Bout Machine” moniker on the back, something that resulted in him being hit by a cease & desist order to pull the t-shirt from sale.

Omega cited “various legal concerns” on the part of AEW for the move, but arranged for all orders to be honoured.

“This triggered various legal concerns within #Aew . Sincerest apologies to fans of Will. We’ve made it so all orders (up to today) will be honored.”

Will Ospreay has now responded to the move, claiming it’s “exposed” Kenny Omega as an “insecure little b*tch”.

“I have just exposed Kenny as an insecure little b*tch. It was fine when those guys were throwing up the Too Sweet and got hit with a cease & desist. They continued to poke the bear.

“When it is me doing it to you guys, you have a problem with it. It’s because Kenny is a miserable little prick. He takes it out on me because I’m actually having fun with my life. I’m doing the things he’s done, plus more.”

“You’re also p***ed off because the vision you had for AEW has now turned into something you don’t like and people are starting to get NXT vibes about the joint or maybe it’s because the Joshi girls are not getting TV time, but the 205 Live guys are.

“Now the shoe is on the other foot. You’ve turned into the big boys, trying to look down on the little guys. I’m going to keep poking the f***ing bear. I just exposed Kenny Omega as everything I’ve been saying, a little f***ing c**t. Have a good day Kenny the f***ing p***k.”

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.