Will Ospreay And Kenny Omega Go To War In An Instant Classic

Will Ospreay batters Kenny Omega with a chair

The hype around Kenny Omega vs. Will Ospreay was at a fever pitch, yet somehow the action in the ring surpassed the expectations of even the most optimistic of fans.

In the opening stages, the match threatened to become a scientific classic as the two combatants went hold-for-hold and reversal-for-reversal. Neither man could gain an advantage, and neither man was prepared to take a backward step.

However, the one constant was an unflinching intensity that threatened to spill over. And so it eventually came to pass, with Don Callis ejected from ringside the action kicked into a new gear, and then another and another.

The action brawl the ring and in search of revenge for Wrestle Kingdom, Ospreay repeatedly smashed Omega’s head into the announce table. The escalation of violence busted Omega open, and the next period of the match was dominated by Ospreay. He licked Omega’s blood off his arm, before channeling his inner Shawn Michaels and taunting the crowd with a Canadian flag.

The break in the fight gave Omega chance to recoup and he took it, responding by choking his rival with the flag. Again things spilled to the outside, but this time it was Omega who had evil intentions. He hammered Ospreay’s head into the steel steps repeatedly, leaving the Brit a bloody mess within seconds. To top off his violent tirade, Omega hit a stunning DDT on the steps.

Will Ospreay Defeats Kenny Omega In A Bloody War

Back in the ring, the momentum swung back and forth, Ospreay locking in a Sharpshooter and then a Crossface, before Omega hit back — literally — by countering an Oscutter with a devastating knee.

This sparked Omega back to life and he did his best to put Ospreay away with a Poisonrana and a spike Piledriver into the now blood-soaked canvas, but somehow Ospreay came back again, taking to the sky for a picture-perfect Sky Twister Press.

As the match reached its final stanza Callis returned to the fold and quickly came to the aid of Ospreay handing him a screwdriver. The British star immediately put the weapon to good use, following up with a Hidden Blade and a Stormbreaker before wrapping Omega up in a pin. Yet somehow, Omega managed to roll back and get his foot on the bottom rope despite being nigh-on unconscious.

Ospreay was stunned but not defeated and replied with a One Winged Angel but fired up by a power yet to be quantified by science, the AEW star kicked out at one to a monster ovation.

As the crowd rose to their feet once again the match completely broke down and the action became nothing but a street fight. The pair exchanged strikes, kicks, and more, never giving an inch. They countered each other’s finishing moves yet again but Ospreay eventually got on top via a Hidden Blade and a Tiger Driver ’91 which saw Omega land awkwardly on his head and neck.

By now, Omega had given all he had to give, he was a broken man, but his adoring public refused to give up on him. However, sentiment was in short order from Ospreay who hit another Hidden Blade and Stormbreaker to finally earn the win and the IWGP United States Title.

In recent news it has been confirmed that Will Ospreay will have a singles match at AEW All In.