Will Ospreay On Wanting To Face “Homemade” AEW Talent At Forbidden Door

Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay made it clear that despite the number of dream matches available to him if he competes at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door, he doesn’t want to face someone from NXT or New Japan.

On the April 20th episode of AEW Dynamite, it was announced that AEW and NJPW would be working together to produce a Supershow called AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door on June 26th. Speculation immediately began to run rampant about dream matches between members of the two promotions, and the excitement has been building ever since.

New Japan star Will Ospreay recently spoke to Wresthings and revealed that he found out about the show when the announcement was made on Dynamite and had no knowledge of it prior to that. He says he’s not sure if he’ll be competing on June 26th or not.

“They didn’t even fucking tell me it was happening. I was sat next to my Mrs. and was like, ‘Are we doing a show with AEW?’ ‘Yeah’ ‘Oh, no one told me.’ That’s honestly how I found out. They don’t tell me shit. For all I know, I’m not even on the damn show. I don’t know.”

Will Ospreay continued to talk about the event, saying that while there are a number of dream matches to be had with veteran AEW talent, he’d want to face someone “homemade” and not a performer who made a name for himself elsewhere before coming to the promotion.

“The obvious ones are (CM) Punk and (Bryan) Danielson. I like a challenge. I would like a homemade guy. Someone that didn’t come from NXT, that didn’t come from New Japan. That’s the challenge. Can I do a sick match with someone that was born and made in AEW? That’s something I would like to challenge.

“Jungle Boy, I’d love to tear it up with him. AEW, I love the product. It’s brilliant and makes me excited to be a wrestling fan. The real challenge for me is, there are guys like Keith Lee. Mox [Jon Moxley], yeah, but this show should be ‘let’s go balls to the wall,’ what are the dream matches? Okada and Punk, (Hiroshi) Tanahashi, Shingo (Takagi) and Hangman (Page) would be a good one, Kenny and Shingo would be a banger. Dante (Martin) is a good one, lovely young man.

“I would really like somebody who is grassroots. That’s the mark. You have all these stars guys, they are the dream ones, Punk, Danielson, whatever. The guys that were there from the start, I would like one of them because I believe I can have the best match with one of them because they are hungry and are going, ‘we should be in one of those spots.'”

Ospreay is currently out of action after being rushed to the hospital with a serious kidney infection.

h/t Fightful