Will Ospreay Admits He “Didn’t Enjoy” Match With WWE Hall Of Famer

Will Ospreay makes his entrance as IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion at AEWxNJPW Forbidden Door 2022

Will Ospreay has spent his entire career pushing the boundaries of professional wrestling, and that has won him fans and earned him critics.

While some argue that Ospreay’s high-flying athletic style takes wrestling to new heights, others claim it isn’t realistic enough and takes away from the business. The most polarising example of this came in 2016 when the British star met Ricochet in the Battle of the Super Juniors.

The match was a fast-paced, high-flying special and divided fans and those within the business. One of the most vocal critics of the match was Vader and this set up a match between Ospreay and the WWE Hall of Famer at a RevPro event in the UK.

During an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Ospreay said that the match was probably the least favourite of his career, describing the experience as “unpleasant.”

“I mean, like I don’t, I didn’t like the Vader one. And I don’t like speaking ill of like him because now he’s passed. But like I really just didn’t enjoy it. It was just like it wasn’t, there was like agreement puts in put in place and then he like pulled it whatever because he didn’t want to f*cking do the job and it was a whole lot of things but like it was just unpleasant to work with.

But like I wish him no harm I wish, I hope his family are all good and everything just because like it’s not easy like losing like a father or anything along those lines. So he’s just like, I don’t like to be that, but I just didn’t enjoy it. Chris Hero enjoyed it.”

Will Ospreay “Won’t Lose Sleep” Over Not Competing At WrestleMania

Elsewhere during the conversation, Ospreay outlined his desire to stay with NJPW and discussed the prospect of never competing at WrestleMania. The star said that while he would love to wrestle in front of a crowd of 80,000 strong, he won’t lose sleep by missing out, noting that he’d turned down interest from WWE before.

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