“I Will Not Tolerate This S**t Anymore” – Current Champion Calls Out Seth Rollins Over Disparaging Comments

Seth Rollins

On the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins sat on commentary for the bout between Mr. Money in the Bank Austin Theory and Mustafa Ali, who confronted Rolllins the week before and launched a further attack following his United States Championship match with Matt Riddle. During the October 25th bout between Theory and Ali, Rollins commented on Theory’s recent losing streak, saying that he had a “better chance of cashing in on Dana Brooke,” referencing Brooke’s reign as 24/7 Champion.

Austin Theory went on to defeat Mustafa Ali in the match, but only after Seth Rollins interfered. This was his first televised victory since he defeated Dolph Ziggler on Raw’s August 15th broadcast. Whether intentional or not, WWE also kept the losing streak going during untelevised live events, meaning his last win technically came on August 21st when he again defeated ‘The Showoff’.

Dana Brooke Took Exception To Seth Rollins’ Comments On WWE Raw

Following Seth Rollins’ commentary on WWE Raw, the 24/7 Champion herself took to social media to defend herself and the hard work she puts into her career, saying she won’t tolerate being disrespected.

“Talk is CHEAP!! I work my ass off every single day & will not tolerate this shit anymore! I can promise you I am the hardest working WOMAN around, never have I taken off work, always worked through injuries, proved multiple times I can fit any position given & DO IT W/ A SMILE!”

When one fan on social media criticized her place in WWE, Dana Brooke continued, saying her critic couldn’t last ten steps in her shoes.

“Working my ass off everyday- staying ready.. where are u?? Hiding behind a keyboard … walk a mile in my shoes .. you wouldn’t last ten steps!”

Dana Brooke is not only the currently reigning 24/7 Champion, she has been central to the 24/7 division since first winning the title back in November of 2021. The past year has seen her marry her tag team partner Reggie in a double wedding, demand a divorce from him weeks later, and regain her title on numerous occasions after losing it. She is currently in her 13th reign as champion.